Peach, Samus Return To Feast Upon The Living

Alright, so you se this cool pic of Zombie Samus right? Unless you have images turned off, of course you do. You can actually se the other one, Peach, if you follow the link below. Both really well done pieces of art in my opinion. I know it’s not 100% gaming news, but it was worth note.

I can’t wait to see if there is more. Marvel Zombies is one of the coolest comics I’ve ready in a while. Now artists want to continue into Video Game Zombies, I will totally be on board to check out all of their images and art. Come on think about it. Zombie Mario. Zombie the Hedgehog. Zombie Jill Valentine. Okay, well the last one really wouldn’t work too well for the franchise, but you get my point. It would be friggin’ awesome. Just as awesome as my Zombie Tick shirt.

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