Zombie Plan 101

The Last Guy Gameplay Video

So at last week’s E3 show, Sony announced a game called *The Last Guy. Pretty much a game a lot like Infected on the PSP. You run around and save people who are too stupid to save themselves and guide them to a secure location for evacuation. Good concept. Worked for me in the past. But then add on the fact they are going to be using Google Maps for the actual locations to guide people. So real locations will be used. Not sure if they will update as Google updates, but who knows.

That said, for a reminder, here is some footage of the game in motion. Looks pretty nice and easy. A little Flash Game like, but what ya gunna do right? Although when I first heard the pitch, I heard Zombies were attacking. I don’t see Zombies in this video. It is a small rendering of the game, so who knows. Still looks like it could be fun and addictive. Time will tell.

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