Zero To Hero In No Time Flat

1-60 in 20 minutes

Ok, so at first when I read about the new WoW level a friend thing, I kind of thought that the day of traditional PLing had gone away. This is true and false after further reading, like 8 or 9 times to get what they were trying to get at. Which is cool, but not all that cool. Pretty much, any new player you refer to the game, they can grant a free level for every two they gain themselves. That is, new player is level 2, can give 1 level to a character of the person that recruited them, as long as the person gaining is lower level. So pretty much, the old player can take the new player out to level up to 60. New player then can give a level to the old player’s new character. Take a second to understand that.

Why was all of that needed up there? Well as the below video shows, an Old player was able to PL a new character to level 60 in under 20 minutes. Looks like he got a few buddies leveled up enough to grant a ton of levels, enough to by pass leveling the first 60 levels. Nice quick way to get a new character up to snuff for the new release of WotLK. Check it all out below.

Check It Out

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