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Guitar Hero Expert Beats Dragonforce Record Score

You have no clue how hard it was not to use the line from South Park for the title of this news article. No clue at all. But I figured I would get a bunch of hate PMs or The Hammer dropped or be called a Hater. 🙂 (Search the blogs for the reference there. 🙂 ) So yea, lets get on with this shin dig.

Even though I have voiced a preference for Rock Band over Guitar Hero, it does not stop me from giving credit where credit is due. And it is due here twice.

First, I’ll have to give it to Blockbuster and Guitar Hero (Grudgingly Activision too). But Block Buster held a benefit for Education is Freedom children’s charity in Texas. With what, a Guitar Hero-Off. Picture a Dance-Off but with Guitar Hero.. From the sounds of it, it was a good time and I assume it brought both attention to the cause as well as money.

Second, to Daniel Johnson. Who and why you are thinking. Well this has two sub parts too it as well. First for slamming the World’s Record for high score on Through The Fire And The Flames by Dragonforce. On Expert and such before you ask. That’s a fucking ridiculous song to play, even with 3 minutes cut from the overall song. YouTube it, it’s crazy. Secondly, he was not one of those elitist fucks about it all either. He was humble and instead of bragging he could do it, he was just glad he could help out the foundation by doing it.

Kudos sir, kudos. Now you just got to watch out for the others now who want to enact the Billy The Kid Syndrome.

Check out the blurb on Kotaku below, and the link.

Daniel scored 890,971 on the epic Dragonforce song, eclipsing the previous World Record set by Chris Chike by more than 10,000 points on his first attempt.

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