Yet Another Bonus For The 25th

DC Universe Online Party At Comic Con

So, seeing as I am hyped to no end to go this year, you will keep hearing more about this year’s Comic Con until probably a week after I get back from it. So deal with it. Yea…

So any ways, here is yet another reason to show up this year. DC Universe Online dev.s will be there to talk about the game and they are also hosting a party that people can get into if they are in the know. So I am going to make you, my readers, in the know. Pretty much, if you have a MySpace, you need to befriend the official DCUO MySpace page. Set them as your top friend and bring a print out of that screen with you to the event. Show it to them and you will get in to party and rub elbows with the people who are bringing this game to you. Not a bad gig for having them as a friend on your page.

Mind you, you need to be 21 with an ID proving that you are 21 to go. And there aren’t many more details out side of that, but come on, it’s a chance to party down with some people in both industries. I’m going to be there as well. Another win for you, my readers.

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