Year Of The PS3?

From what I was getting about this conference, it wasn’t much on huge announcements, but showing off what is coming in the next 9 months. It is breath taking when you see it. I was trying to videos for you before I posted, so, here we go.

Resistance II

Like I said, not much to talk about for this one. They brought up the coop and multi player game stuff and that was it. Nothing we didn’t know already. But the gem below is what was the true spectacle of the announce.

God of War III

So there is now an official Spring of ’09 date on it, but there is yet another teaser out for the game. It makes me sad there wasn’t more. But the awesomeness that “In the end there will only be Chaos” makes up for it.

DC Universe

Here is a further look at the Online game I was talking about a week ago. Now I really can’t wait to go talk to the guys behind this at Comic Con this year. I want to fight next to Bizzaro and the Joker now.


Once again, nothing more that the “Your Wait Will Be Worth It” talk, but who knows. They did show off the new “Game” rooms. By that, the theme rooms for Resistance, Warhawk, and Uncharted. These look pretty cool. Just wish there was a solid release date on it. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Visually it is stunning. Not too sure what the game play is about, but it looks like fl0w, so if you liked that game, here is yet another like it. Like I said, visually stunning.


So this game looks pretty fucking sweet. To me it’s like GTA meets GoW meets Psi-ops. Watch it. It is filled with some high intensity action and explosions.


So not much on this other than the fact that they used it as a visual aid for their presentation. It also shows how much customization a home user will have to alter levels for that game. I was overly impressed with this. I mean, they used it to announce where else they are shipping gout to. Brilliance!

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