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The Guild: DVD

Being a man of my word *best Joker Impression*, on two fronts, I had to post something about this great Web series as well as their new DVD on sale at Comic Con, or you can get as of 8/1. First, I got asked by people here to make sure that the actors of the show knew about our site here. After three days of stalking them (pics below), I was having issues getting proper representation for the site, but I hooked them up with a professional implementation of advertisement. The other part, I told Felicia, Vincent and Sandeep that I would give them some webtime. So here it is. Moving on from my, seems almost trademark now, lead ins.

First, we have The Guild. I haven’t yet seen the extras on the DVD, but I did wait patiently for each new episode to come out once I was introduced to it last year. A very quick sum up of the show is thus, gracefully stolen from their site.

The Guild is a independent sitcom webisode about a group of online gamers. It is written for gamers, about gamers by a gamer. Episodes vary from 3-6 minutes in length, and follow the Guild members’ lives online and offline.
“The Guild” is the winner of the YouTube and Yahoo 2007 Video Awards for Best Web Series, as well as recipient of the SXSW/On Networks 2007 Greenlight Award for Best Series.

I don’t think I have sat through an episode not thinking of someone I know who is truly the way the portray the character’s in the show. It is great. Check them out. Now! Oh, and if you’ve seen them all already, look forward to a special thing I’m going to do since I have a few things to give away from them as well. Also check out the below and wait for new episodes in a month or two, if all goes well.

Check It Out

The Legend of Neil

Now that you have seen at least one episode of The Guild, here is another Web Show that members are part of. Yes, I said I would pimp this out as well, and I knew you Link fans would get a kick out of it too.

The Legend of Neil is a story about a guy who got drunk one night, played Zelda, polished one of to a fairy while choking himself and somehow woke up in the game. I shouldn’t need to put more on there. If you are literate, you can read how funny that will be. You can get in on it while it is still new as well. First episode hit last Thursday and there is a new one this upcoming Thursday if I read it all right. Sandeep also gave me a few things for this as well, so down the line, I might have something similar to what I am planning for The Guild as well. I’m a crafty bugger aren’t I?

Check It Out

Here’s me trying to nail down the cast and such over three days at the Con. Friday, I got the big portion of the cast. Saturday, randomly ran into Felicia and Amy. Amy looked busy when I asked for the picture, but she is in the background. Sunday is when I was able to hook up the cut, but my camera guy was nowhere nearby for a photo. Enjoy.

Guild Signings
Me And Most of The Guild
Me And Felicia Day

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