World Of Warcraft, Control An Army of Your Own!

Sometimes partying with a few people in World of Warcraft can be
frustrating, how can you convince 4 other people to do what you want? This
problem was solved by a unique fad in World of Warcraft called multi-boxing.
When you are a multi-boxer, you spend lots of money and time to level up more
than one character (usually around 3-4) and set up your PC to control all
characters at once. A lot of the fan base feels this is cheating, others praise
the skill involved, and Blizzard turns a blind eye, stating that they consider
it legitimate.

Well, World of Warcraft player Bradster has decided that he is sick of trying
to convince 40 other people to join a raid with him and attack faction cities,
Bradster has decided to take multi-boxing to a new level, controlling a total
of 36 characters at once (all shaman).

This is his set up:



Bradster’s goal is to one day attack all of the Alliance
cities and dominate everyone who stands in his way. What better way achieve this than by controlling your own army? This
all comes with an insane cost though; Bradster runs 36 World of Warcraft
accounts at once on 11 different computers. That must cost right? Sure, but
Bradster also pays a whopping $5,711/year for his characters subscriptions.
Let’s not forget to mention that it will cost him an additional $1500 to
upgrade to Wrath of the Lich King (out Nov. 13). The cost of the utilities,
hardware, mouse’s, monitors, keyboards, routers, oh my… god damn that has to
be a ridiculous bill. Whatever he does for work, I want to be alongside him.


Multi-boxing is becoming a common-place in World of Warcraft, but Bradster
has definitely taken it to a new level.

Here is a picture of his personal army in Shattrah.


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