Work Your Ass Off To Ascend In Watch Dogs 2’s New Gameplay

Watch Dogs 2 — False Profits

More gameplay for Watch Dogs 2 has been released and we get to see yet another mission in Watch Dogs 2 in ghost/stealth mode

Hopefully you haven’t been overrun with too much Watch Dogs 2 gameplay or missions just yet. I say that as we have yet another on to look and have some spoilers shown off by Ubisoft to get us all ready for the new game. I guess this is good for those who just can’t wait until November 15th to get their hands on Watch Dogs 2. Just over a month can be a hard thing to sit around and wait for I guess and now we get yet another mission from the game to show off gameplay mechanics that we’ve seen and walked through already. I guess we just can’t get enough of all of this right?

Anyways, here we have a look at the “False Profits” mission from Watch Dogs 2. It looks like a church has taken to stealing its congregation’s personal data to force them to stick with the religion. Sounds like a real world things too but here we get the vigilantes mixed in to do some hacking and presumably free all of those who have been forced deeper into a religion out of fear of their porn logs going public. That can drive the fear of a higher power into anyone nowadays can’t it? Of course that is an exaggeration for the game but it is what I’d like to think has more people in fear than not.

It should go without saying that there are spoilers for Watch Dogs 2 here as this is a mission bit of gameplay and it is from the final game. Of course your play may go down a bit different based on how you choose to go in but it does pretty much show you how to get in without having to fire a weapon yourself. I’m not sure how they call this a “ghost” gameplay but it is and you can watch it all for yourself right here. Enjoy.

Watch Dogs 2 — False Profits

Watch Dogs 2‘s Creative Director gives us the full rundown on the new “False Profits” mission.

What do you think of this new mission for Watch Dogs 2 here? Do you think that it seems odd to call this a stealth mission even though thugs were called in to cause some chaos and murder? Do you agree that it would make more sense to have the parishioner’s porn logs listed for blackmail or would that be too simple? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Watch Dogs 2 as it comes out, be sure to stay right here as we’ll keep bringing all of the updates that we can get a hold of for you. Hopefully a bit less spoilery next time.

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