Wiilease From E3

What Was Announced For The Wii and E3?

I apologize for the limited description on these things, but I am giving you the info I got. Wish I had pictures or video to give you, but alas. But here is what I got. At least for release on the Wii. All of this from the Nintendo Conference that took place this morning.

Shaun White Snow boarding

Another game to use the Balance Board for. As the title says, it is a snow boarding game. I guess we will see how this will play out using the balance board features. This should be out by the Holiday season this year.

Wii Speak

Pretty much this is an attachment that connects to the sensor bar on the Wii. It allows you to now chat with other Wii players online. It’s a microphone for the Wii now. So there is something to look forward to for you online players.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Yet another iteration of this title. Pretty much the same thing with a bit better graphics and option through out the game. Always running world of course, and will have chat rooms that will use the above Wii Speak to talk to other people. Only issue I see here is the children will now be able to talk to more people than just in online chat rooms and XBox live.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

This is, what I would assume to be, a game based on the new Star Wars film coming out. Looks to be like a bunch of Light saber fighting as well. Pretty much what it should be. Figured it was only a matter of time.

Call of Duty: World At War

A FPS on the Wii. You use the WiiMote to aim and such. Wish I would have been able to see how the visuals look, but alas. Hopefully it will be somewhat on par with the other title of CoD.

Wii Sports Resort

This game is what comes with the new adapter for the Wii. Wii Motion Plus that is. If you don’t know what that is, it is an adapter for the WiiMote that tracks your movements in real 3D space. Here are the new games with the new sports game. Disc Dog, a frisbee throwing game where your “Dog” can catch the frisbee you throw. A Jet skiing game that uses the Nun chuck and WiiMote. A fencing game that plays much like Wii-Boxing with realistic movements from the Motion Plus. This will hit next spring.

Here’s what the Wii Motion Plus looks like.

Wii Motion Plus

Wii Music

This game allows for anyone to pick up a WiiMote and begin playing music without having the button presses of the other Rhythm games out there. On top of that, you can play up to 50 different musical instruments. Like Piano, Guitar, Violin, and all kinds of drums. Foot pedals of course worked via the Balance Board.

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