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Confusion, Shortages Hobble US Wii Fit Kickoff

So you may have heard about the Wii Fit release party that took place in New York yesterday. If not, google it and check it out. Just a bunch of info and looked like a good time from the images. But for the most part, it also kicked off an early release for just those participants. More than just a day too. Let me explain.

It seems that there is a delay in shipping of the game to retail stores. Some form of shipping issue or something’s, but in any instance, the game won’t hit the stores where you pre-ordered the game until the 21st. Only a two day delay when you look at it, but it still a delay for the expensive little attachment and game for the Wii. So you will need to wait until Wednesday or how ever long from then if you ordered online to look a little goofy at home trying to hula hoop and some weird kind of yoga. Just thought I’d let you all know before you got a bit upset with your gaming store.

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Wii Fit Dares To Call Young Girl ‘Fat’

So the Wii Fit hasn’t even been out for over a day and now there is already a call for a ban on the game. Yes you read that. A ban on a game designed to help people lose weight. And only a day later for someone who got the game.

Why? All because a ten year old girl got called fat while getting on the balance board for the first time. There is no definition on how much the girl weighed, but she was 4’9″ and a swimmer and dancer, so you can only imagine. Sounds like it is an issue with the coding and designing for humans that are still being developed in their young age. I know I’ve met some kids that are a lot taller than they should be and I can see how the calculations could screw it up. Nintendo did respond to this though.

Nintendo would like to apologize to any customers offended by the in-game terminology used to classify a player’s current BMI status, as part of the BMI measurement system integrated into Wii Fit. Wii Fit is still capable of measuring the BMI for people aged between two and 20 but the resulting figures may not be entirely accurate for younger age groups due to varying levels of development.

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