Who Needs A Real Girlfriend?

Sega Creates Robot Girlfriend

Well someone had to do it. And who other than those wacky Japanese engineers. The video below is of a functional robot called E.M.A. That’s Eternal Maiden Actualization. Not the best name around, but they couldn’t call it Hooker Bot 3000. Specifically because it isn’t that and Matt Groening owns the rights to that title. At least I would make the assumption so.

“She’s very lovable and though she’s not a human, she can act like a real girlfriend.”

So what does EMA do? Well she can sing, dance, hand out business cards, and when in “Love Mode” use her infra-red sensors to kiss near by human heads. I like how they specified Human Heads in the article.

While not quite up to the standard of the bikini-clad “fembots” featured in the first Austin Powers film, Ema does boast the ability to walk “like a lady”.

That all being said, she is suppose to hit the market in September for around £85 (18,000 Yen). That’s like $170 American if my calculations are right. So there ya go. Soon lonely guys, we will be able to legally buy a girlfriend anywhere we want soon.







Hades’ Disclaimer:
Hades does not condone prostitution.
Hades does not partake in prostitution.
Hades does not think that a robot is a suitable substitute for a real female companion.
Hades did work at a whore house once.
Hades is a lonely guy they are trying to market too.
Hades likes women though and not robots. Cyborgs maybe.
Hades does like Summer Glau. Cookie for the reference.
Hades is going to end posting now to say you from having to read more of his ramblings.
This is all. πŸ™‚

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