Who Doesn’t Like A Zombie

Tips for eating brains

Really who doesn’t? Well the people behind World of Warcraft just showed their love for them in their latest world event. At least in my opinion.

In this event, there are boxes located in every port city that has the ability to turn your toon into a flesh craving zombie. From there, you get a few extra abilities to play around with in the game. Like say, bite a NPC and turn them into a zombie. Bite friend and turn them. Pretty much anyone can be turned. The link and source bellow has some great tips to help out with this.

There are a few drop backs as you read. Like your health will lower the longer you go without eating flesh. You don’t do as much damage as before so you’ll pretty much just be turning lower levels unless you get a horde of zombies to go all in. Also, it is just a disease that lasts for about 10 minutes at a time, so you can be “cured” over time I guess.

All of this seems to be a fun lead up to the expansion that comes out in about 20 days of this posting. So log on. Get infected. Then see how many other poor souls you can bring down with you. I plan on trying out and seeing how long I can go without getting mobbed by zombies. Try my zombie tactics and such.

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