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So due to real life BS, I missed out on reporting a few new and cool things yesterday, so I am going to hook up the cut now. Gotta thank one of my favorite sites to keep things up to date for me when that shit happens. But enough about me, here’s what you really want to read about.

Halo Wars: Two New Clips

So due out early next year, is the new Halo RTS. I’m sure you Halo fans have already eaten all of this stuff up. But below is a very nice looking, pre-rendered, video for the game giving a bit of the story the RTS will revolve around. Really neat stuff.

Now here is some game play footage for the game. To me it looks a bit like Starcraft, but there really isn’t much one can change to the RTS outside of story, graphics, and a few game mechanics. It does look insanely awesome. I do mean insanely. Watch it.

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Mirror’s Edge E3 Demonstration

So like all the other stuff I have seen for this game, it looks to be amazing. This video is pretty much just the run through of the first mission. At least from what I could make out from the audio, both the speaker and the game dialogue. I really can’t wait for this game. Totally Parkour my way everywhere.

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Resident Evil 5 Trailer’s Got Zombie Bikers

So now I look at it as 3/13/2009 is way to far off after watching this video. Even with Toki talking at the beginning. Ok, maybe it was just me, but that is who I heard. In any instance, the game play looks amazing and it looks a lot darker from what they have shown already.

The biker “zombies” were pretty cool to see and… OMG… Was that a fucking leech monster?! Gotta watch it again now.

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Final Fantasy XIII: The E3 Trailer

So with the bomb dropped about the FFXIII being a multi-console game, there was also a new trailer for it. Also, to add, FFXIII Versus is still slated as a PS3 exclusive. Check This Out if you want more on the Final Fantasy on the XBox info.

Here is the vid though.

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