Welcome To The Shelter & Get Ready To Enter Benny’s Backrooms

Benny’s Backrooms — Gameplay

There is some gameplay for Benny’s Backrooms that we can have a look at even as we wait for Benny’s Backrooms to open up

After a bit of time, we were finally able to escape and slip out this new trailer for Benny’s Backrooms. Okay, it might have slipped out before when GameName dropped it in the middle of a bunch of other titles getting dropped, but we were not going to let it slip into a different part of the Backrooms out there. This new horror title coming to the PC needs to have a bit of time to shine as it dives into the location while also giving us a look at how the gameplay of it all will function. So, put on your HAZMAT suits and get ready to see what other horrors are lying in wait in Benny’s Backrooms now.

As the name implies, Benny’s Backrooms uses the Backrooms internet sensation as the backdrop as we watch one of the many research teams heading into the locations and coming across the titular Benny. It is not something that will be trifled with and now our team will need to work together, or against each other, to find one of the many exits from this nightmare. All while solving random puzzles and using random gear to navigate the ever-changing setting. Not a bad concept for a title, and now we can see a bit of Benny’s Backrooms in motion. Even if it does seem to have missed that June of 2024 timeline that it has laid out for itself.

Benny’s Backrooms — Gameplay

Benny’s Backrooms is a co-op horror game based on the Backrooms. Work together with your friends (or betray them) to find multiple exits in the Backrooms.

Work together with your friends (or betray them) to find multiple exits in the Backrooms. Expect to see the “You Died” screen a lot.

What’s that? You want to return home and see your friends and family again? Hahaha.

Don’t you get it? You’ve no-clipped into the Backrooms. There is no escape! You should start getting used to living here for the rest of your life.


I’ve been told that every level is different – the Backrooms is constantly changing, so who knows what you’ll find out there! That means you’ll never be able to memorize what’s coming next. Every journey will be different from the last.


There are a lot of things out there trying to kill us.

My advice?



It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this ancient smartphone. Use it to take neat pictures or text your friends! It can do a lot of other stuff too but… who really cares?


To unlock the exits we need to solve Puzzles. Good thing you’re good at puzzles, right?



So, despite everything I’ve conveyed to you, you are still set on trying to escape? Very well, I’ll join you. Our odds are better if we work together. I promise – you can trust me.

Did you catch Benny’s Backrooms back when it was first announced or did it no-clip into the Backrooms on you before? Do you think that this will be used in the larger concept of the creepypasta or just a fun fan-made thing to keep everyone excited? How often will it result in players screwing each other over to get out or will that be highly frowned upon in the game and only a last-ditch effort? No-clip on down to the comment section and try to leave those thoughts and comments. If we come across more for Benny’s Backrooms, we will try to share it with you here. Please keep an eye on the site so you can keep as up-to-date as possible.

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