We Get One Night In Bangkok With Hitman’s Fourth Episode

Hitman — The Class - Are We Stars

The foruth episode of Hitman has a release date now and it looke like Hitman is taking us to Bangkok in a few week’s time

It looks like that long wait that I was scared of before when it came to Hitman‘s full new episodes were a little premature. I say this as now it looks like Io Interactive has put the final touches on the fourth episode of the game and we are going to be getting it on August 16th. Not too terrible of a turnaround time and I am sure that Square Enix is still happy to have more Hitman stuff to push as we wait for all of their other IPs to hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC in due time. We aren’t here for that though so let’s see what we have coming in the next episode that we’ve been waiting for.

Agent 47 is taking a trip to Bangkok but of course it isn’t for fun here. The next two major targets in the Hitman story happen to be an up and coming rock star and his family’s lawyer. What they have specifically done to get on the list of targets is still left for us to figure out but just like all the fun kills I am certain we will see all of that in due time. That and the luxurious hotel and studio that all of this looks to be going down in. I am a bit curious to see how open this environment is going to be based on the locale or if it is going to be limited to a few floors and that is it. It would suck having to go floor by floor for kills.

Hitman — The Class – Are We Stars

The “Club 27” mission transports players to the opulence and splendor of the Himmapan luxury hotel and resort, situated on the Chao Phraya River outside Bangkok. Your targets are rising rock star Jordan Cross, front man of trending indie band The Class, and Cross’ family lawyer, Ken Morgan. Both are currently residing at the luxury hotel as the band finishes its highly-anticipated sophomore album.

Explore the grand hotel’s exquisite interiors and bask in the natural beauty of the exotic gardens adorning the hotel’s exterior pavilions. Or just enjoy the vista of the Chao Phraya River as you plan how best to carry out your mission.

While the trailer here doesn’t do much more than to make me okay with the murder of this rock star I am a bit curious as to the why we are being paid to do it here in Hitman. Usually the trailers we have show off a bit of that in the background and leave the finer details for us to find but not here. All we have is a music video of the sappy music we will most likely have to hear over and over during the mission. Unless this guy isn’t that pretentious to need to hear his art playing all the time and has other music piped in. Most likely not given the way the characters are in the game though.

Are you taken back with how soon we actually got the follow up episode for Hitman given that we had a few mini-episodes pop up during the two-month lull? Do you think we will be confined to the hotel specifically or will we get more free reign in the world? What horrible thing do you think these two are up to in the world here that makes them worth killing? Let us know what you are thinking and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Hitman be sure to stay right here as we will have it all as it comes out. Including the little tidbits that usually get glossed over.

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