We Challenge You To Mortal Kombat!

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe Story Trailer

So when I first heard about this game, I wasn’t overly impressed with the idea. I mean it has been done with other franchises and they were ok. But then more and more get rolled out with this and I am getting more and more excited. And this last bit has me saying OMG the 16th is too far off.

The below video is the story trailer for the game. Yes it has more of a story over, Superman throws down on Raiden. From the looks of it, the story looks to be something pretty nice for the game, although I am sure it will deviate from DC cannon. But it looks like it will be worth it. Give it a watch and decide for yourself, but it explains a bit more. Also how the Joker is kind of a good guy in this game. At least from the looks of the trailer.

One more thing, and it is a little sad news about the game. It is a Teen rated game now. What does that mean? That some of the fatalities have been made a bit more Teen friendly. Notably the Joker’s fatality. Video of that is below, but don’t expect to see that in the final version. They have already said that the second part of the Fatality takes place off screen so as to leave it to your imagination. But do watch below to see what was originally planned.

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