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PlayStation Live — Event

Can’t be in New York Or the PlayStation Live Meeting? We have you covered with the PlayStation Live stream straight from the source

Today looks like it could be the day we’ve been waiting for as it comes to the new PlayStation reveals that haven’t happened at any of the major conventions just yet. All of the main names of the company are taking the stage to show off a few hidden things that have only been rumored until now. Hopefully all the news around the PlayStation 4 Slim and Neo will be set to rest and/or we’ll get some solid updates on the Vita and VR systems. I’m not truly certain what those could be if there were any but I’m just trying to think of what else they are going to show off to fill time.

As of right now everything is kept under-wraps, at least of when this was written, so your guess is as good as mine as to what we will see out of PlayStation here. This could also be another option to show off a few in-house titles that were not ready to be shown at E3 or Gamescom but I have a feeling it will be more hardware. Although I wouldn’t be sad to see something for The Last Of Us 2 or any new gameplay for God Of War. I’m going to err on that not being the case but we’ll see.

We are not one of the favored outlets to stream what we have here for PlayStation but we live in a digital age so there are many option to watch it and we have the video just below. If for some reason you want to watch it natively on their platform you can go to PlayStation Live right now and check it all out. It should be the same as we have below but now you have the other option. Of course for all of you truly late arrivals we will have the archived video in place just below for re-watching or watching on your own terms. Have fun!

PlayStation Meeting — Live

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