Watch Dogs 2 Gets The Band Together For A Fun Looking Story

Watch Dogs 2 — Story Trailer

A story trailer for Watch Dogs 2 has been released and now we get to see the crew that Watch Dogs 2 will be assembling for us all

It looks like Watch Dogs 2 isn’t going to be its own fully contained story here as we have a few more familiar faces coming back for the new game in the latest trailer. When the game was first announced Ubisoft made it clear they wanted a franchise and not standalone titles and it looks like we have a clearer link between it all in the story outside of hackers and the ctOS system that we had to manipulate before. Well outside of the hackers we’ve already seen for Watch Dogs 2 as we now see an amazing one from Chicago is out here now and still fighting the good fight. At least digitally.

On top of that it looks like the story here for Watch Dogs 2 is also going to be a bit more grounded in the issues of the day as the main villains will be a company that aims to collect and sell all of our personal data as they see fit. Pretty much all of the conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmares coming completely to light and we are the force that is here to stop it all from happening. Well at least if you take all of the new story here at face value and you don’t try and look at Watch Dogs 2 from the other side of the fence here.

Watch Dogs 2 — Story Trailer

A new story trailer for Watch Dogs 2 just arrived, bringing with it a fresh look at major players on both sides of the conflict between hacker collective DedSec and the corrupt corporations they’re working to take down. One of their biggest targets is Blume Corporation, an entity that should be familiar to Watch Dogs players as the creators of the notorious, city-automating ctOS. This video introduces a key antagonist, who appears to be pretty high up on Blume’s payroll: their Chief Technology Officer, Dusan Nemec.

Nemec is taking the DedSec threat very seriously, and rightly so; we’ve already met a few members of the collective, and they are not to be trifled with. The protagonist, Marcus Holloway, has already stopped a mass surveillance initiative in Oakland using his unique set of skills. Sitara and her principled, artistic approach may not always vibe with Wrench and his aggressive, chaotic style, but there’s no doubt that both are passionate, driving forces fueling DedSec’s efforts. In this trailer, we also get a glimpse of Josh and Horatio, two other members that make up the DedSec crew.

I find it a bit odd that the team here in Watch Dogs 2 is aiming to bring down a company that is doing almost the same thing that they do on a daily basis in the name of gameplay. All of the things that are listed (stealing, spying, etc.) are the core of the game here and apparently the messed up morals here make the team okay that it is them looking in on the world and controlling data and not Blume. If it is that easy for them to hack the system in the game’s world it is that easy for them to rig elections as well. I’m just saying. Maybe that is just how it looks here on the surface and we’ll get something deeper for the hacktivists.

Are you glad to see the solid link between Watch Dogs 2 and the first game here? Do you think the same way that I do about the hackers doing everything in the name of them being the ones in control again? Do you think that there will be a deeper story than that or is this what Ubisoft is going to give us in the end? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Watch Dogs 2 in all of its manners, be sure to stay right here. It launches on November 15th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC so hopefully there will be a bit more before then.

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