Over the weekend a handful of updates were released for all you STEAM users out there. If you’ve already restarted your Steam client since yesterday then it’s already been installed.

First off, Valve updated the Steam client last week, fixing some
bugs and compatibility problems that some of you may or may not have been
experiencing. And then again yesterday came two update bundles for those of you who have either FRONTLINES: Full of War and/or Garry’s Mod on your Steam account.

In the answers to our hopes and prayers, Valve has made a good impact an
some common problems experienced during game and fixing bugs responsible for many
crashes (God knows my Gmod crashes all the time). But no!! It doesn’t
stop there! They’ve actually added a few new upgrades and features for
both the single and multi-player aspects of the game, including;

  • Fingerposer now works with TF2 models
  • Improved fingerposer UI accuracy
  • Added GUI Skin chooser
  • Added content mount chooser
  • Added code to fix TF2 turrets spawning with unusable physics object
  • Various player model fixes (Thanks to Nickolas George)
  • Removed unused, exploitable commands (spectate etc)
  • NPC Turrets now spawn facing away from you
  • Separated lamps and lights from undo and limits
  • Added Shield icon to Admin Only entities

Frontlines Steam users – you too can rest assured that in the new
update, common problems such as the game crashing when “alt”+”tab”ing
should hopefully be fixed as well as some other bugs and glitches found
in game. Other updates include;

  • Server browser will no longer show servers that are not running
  • Alt+Tab will work properly in Windows Media Center
  • Lockups/crashes while “Please Wait” popup is on screen has been fixed
  • Player no longer becomes stuck in an unresponsive menu after quitting a match at the end of a round

So there ya have it!! A weekend full of updates for some of you Steam users out there.
For a more detailed list of what was exactly upgraded, see the links below.

3/27 Steam UPDATE
Garry’s Mod UPDATE
Frontlines: FOW UPDATE

Oh and one more thing, Keep a close eye out on the Steam update page if
you restart later.
Valve may try and pull another April Fools joke, and some of you fanboys and fangirls
could fall for it! <3

Happy Fragging!!!

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