Users Will Soon Create PWNage For Heroes

A Message From Positron – 4 Year Anniversary!

So looking at the two titles that come with this Narticle, it may be a little hard to get what is going on in this one. That was the point. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, I can be a villain sometimes. But here we go.

On the Official City of Heroes Forum Boards, lead designer Matt Miller made a nice long post about the 4 year anniversary of the game. He goes on about how the game has grown since it launched back in 2004 and continues to thank the users for keeping it in the lime light for so long. Nice of him since it is us, the gamers, that keep people like him knee deep in money and a job. So if you want a nice warm fuzzy feeling, check it out for that. But on top of that, check it out for the information on how the game will be changing again in the future. Some great things, if done right.

He continues on to talk about user created missions for the game, across all servers. Yea, I know right. You can build a mission. Have your online buddies roll through it. Then do it again. You can be the virtual DM that MMO games are lacking in. Yes, you can play through the stuff that the designers have built, but sometimes the original stuff could be more fun. Users will be allowed to choose the map, enemies, objectives, and write your own script for these missions. Yes you read that. YOU get to write the script. Which means you can put more real world phrases and sayings mixed in, instead of the cheesy comic lines that are already in there.

Once this hits, I think I might renew my account to check it out. Sounds pretty cool.

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