US Gets PWNed By Capcom

Resident Evil O Wii Only In Japan

So when I first heard of this game coming out, I got excited. Cause at the time, it was just announced that they were working on putting out the WiiMake of this good old GameCube game. If only they would have left it that way. The making it seem like it was coming out everywhere. Well things have changed and it is only slated to come out in Japan. That put a sad face on me. A very sad face. But I guess the good news is that they have release a little more about it today.

First, yes it will have a bunch of Wii Mote control aspects. Or if you would prefer the GameCube controller, you can still use that. Why you would do that? I have no idea. The other little tid bit, it will be released on July 10th of this year. So if you are lucky enough to be where you can get it, go you.

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