Unleash The Fury!

X-Play Exclusive: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for Wii

So a while back I posted a Narticle about this game. Please check it out and then I will continue. 3… 2… 1… Ok, welcome back. So continuing forward, G4 just got a bit of game play action of this game on the Wii. The system this game was made for. At least in my opinion.

They show how the Wii Mote will be used and how it will effect everything. As well as the primary purpose is the One-On-One mode of the game where you can relive the epic fights from the movies, books, and graphic novels. To some point. But it looks like they link the Force powers to light sabers very well. In fact it looks like you will need to master them in general just to PWN at all. Well, at least to make it look good. This video actually got me all moist and waiting for this game even more so. Why oh why does it get released in September. I need a time machine STAT!

Video and Link are below.

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