UK Host Reveals That Her Boobs Get In The Way Of Gaming

UK Host Reveals That Her Boobs Get In The Way Of Gaming

TV star Gemma Atkinson in the UK and Live host revealed to the Sun that while she loves the Nintendo Wii, it hurts her chest.

Speaking to the Sun, the TV celebrity said: “I win every time I play the Wii. I’m the champion at the bowling game. I love it because all the family can get involved so it’s great to play on a Saturday night if everyone is round.”

But here’s where it gets odd. “I have to wear TWO bras when I go running at the gym so I’d love to design a range of sports bras for big-breasted women, something sexy not plain.

It’d definitely be handy for strapping them in when jumping up and down with the Wii controllers.”

Okay as someone both with boobs and has played the Wii, I don’t know how much jumping this gal is doing. I mean the Wii Balance Board hasn’t even come out yet. What is she going to do then? I can’t think of a single Wii game where I have had to jump up and down. My friend does jump when he bowls; maybe I should ask him if his boobs hurt after a long night of Wii bowling.

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