Top 10 Best Video Game Movies

As time moves on, we see more and more video games being made into movies. While some of them are just utterly fantastic, the others are just god awful. Let’s take a look at the top 10 video game movies.


















10. Street Fighter

Street Fighter Movie

Street Fighter has come in number 10. Why do we love it? Well because of Jean-Claude Van Damme, with his wicked moves and excellent fighting style. As much as anyone wants to say this movie is bad, they cannot deny the awesomeness that Jean-Claude explodes throughout this movie.

9. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Movie

MORTALL KOMBBATTT! This movie was so damn good! It really held to the story the best it could with it being live action and the fact that it was based off a fighting game. The special effects in the movie were industry breaking, and so was the acting! Althought the second Mortal Kombat was a complete failure, the first one shall hold true.

8. Pokemon – The First Movie

Pokemon First Movie

It’s really hard to be a good animated movie based on a video game. Only Pokemon could really take the cake on this type of franchise and actually succeed in the box office. This really hit the nail on the head with all of the Pokemon fans, the ridiculous amount of intense action will keep you from being bored the whole time this movie is on. An lastly, how can you hate a movie that has Pikachu in it?

7. Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark Movie

I know, another Uwe Boll movie, but you know as well as we do that he ALWAYS makes movies based off video games. This movie ranked at number 7 for us because of Christian Slater, with his naturally wacky antics, he really played a great role in this movie, it’s just to bad the script and the way it was shot made him look like an amateur. It’s almost as if he was never in Gleaming the Cube.

6. BloodRayne

Blood Rayne Movie

At this point, you’re saying, “You have got to be kidding me”. Let’s face it, this movie is like ever Uwe Boll movie, and I don’t think I need to say anymore about that. The fact that they were able to make a second BloodRayne movie speaks volumes though. That means, any of you who went out to see the movie just pushed them to make another one. So don’t blame Boll on the second one, blame everyone who went out to see the first one.

5. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Final Fantasy Spirits Within

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within lacked in the story, as most video game movies do, but the rendering of this movie is absolutely incredible and no one can deny that. I personally loved this movie because as much as the story sucked, it definitely had the Final Fantasy feel to it, and it definitely kept true in that sense. I would like to see them come out with another completely unrelated to their previous games. It could be alot better considering I think they learned alot from this one. On a side note, Final Fantasy: Advent Children was really good, but everyone was waiting for a follow up to FF7.

4. Silent Hill

Silent Hill Movie

Silent Hill got the same treatment as FF:TSW, lacked on story a bit, which is definitely seen, they do jump around alot. Understand though, like the game, this really had the feel of survival horror and that is why it came in the number 4 spot. Another reason this came in number 4 is because Uwe Boll had nothing to do with this movie at all. That right there already proclaims this movie to be somewhat decent, and with the action/horror/survival/graphics this really gave it a top notch standing.

3. Resident Evil

Resident Evil Movie

Ahhh good ol’ zombies! So at number 3 we’ve come across yet another zombie movie. The first installment of Resident Evil was quite good, it held to the story pretty well in the beginning, but as it moved on, it strayed away a bit, but it still held together. Milla Jovovich, need I say anymore?

2. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Movie

Seriously, Tomb Raider was good movie. Just think Indiana Jones as a girl, and I really think they could have a franchise here. Anyone with me? Angelina Jolie anyone?

1. Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers Movie

Super Mario Brothers HAS to take the number 1 spot. Any movie that comes out is really going to have a tough time beating this movie. The fact that this movie strayed SO FAR away from the real SMB plot made this even more interesting. This movie is so god awful that it instantly becomes amazing. It’s a non-stop laugh fest all the way through this movie, and the fact that they are trying to be serious just makes it even better. If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it now. I think you can find it at Wal-Mart in the $4.88 bin, and there is no reason to deny that.

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