To LOVE[Ru] DS & PSP Game Covers Released And More

Late last week Dengeki announced that the Official Site for the To LOVE[Ru] games was revealed. Along with it, the covers of both games have debuted as well as release dates.  The DS version, entitled “To LOVE[Ru] Forest School Compilation” will be released first and will be using the Stylus and Touch Screen in a similar manner as the Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! titles.  Basically, you will be rubbing the girls in their injured areas to heal them.  I’m sure you can use your imagination to figure out where these places are. Look for the DS version out on August 28th 2008 at an import shop near you.

The PSP version, named “To LOVE[Ru] Seaside School Compilation, will differ from it’s DS counterpart.  Unfortunately not a lot of details have been released about the PSP Title’s gameplay, but the images released from the game differ greatly from the DS version.  My guess, based on the small amount of info available, that the PSP edition will be more of an adventure style game similar to Japan’s Dating Sim genre.  The PSP version will be hitting store shelves September 25 2008.

Both games will be released in standard and limited editions.  Standard editions will cost around $55 each and the Limited editions will be about $80 each.  No details yet on what the limited editions will have within the package.

Pictures courtesy of Dengeki.

DS Cover and Character Image from within game:




PSP Cover and Character Image from game:


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