THQ Is Back In Action Thanks To Nordic Games & Rebranding

THQ — Nordic Games

In an interesting turn of events THQ is sort of back as Nordic Games has rebranded itself to THQ Nordic and has a load of games in development

Talk about a way to end this week on as it looks like THQ is coming back after shutting down back in 2013. Not the direct company and employees that were let go but it looks like Nordic Games has chosen to rebrand themselves now they own the rights to a whole lot of successful IPs and names they picked up back then. Their new name is now THQ Nordic and they are coming out swinging with some amazing news. Some of that news being that they have at least 13 titles in the works already that we have yet to hear about and many others that we should all know very well by now.

This is an insanely interesting twist to things for the company that is currently two studios strong at this point and many jobs and games from the THQ libraries yet to come. I know I’m hoping for the third and fourth Darksiders games now that we have some great news to hear here. Of course this does mean that we won’t be seeing their versions of Saints Row, Homefront, and South Park any times soon as those IPs were sold off way back when but this does open a few more doors out there. It’s another exciting time for all of us gamers now isn’t it?

Nordic Games Reincorporates to THQ Nordic

Whilst we take great pride in our Swedish roots and accomplished a great deal under the Nordic Games masthead, we decided it was time to incorporate the THQ name. Those key brands will continue to shape our business in a meaningful way going forward, and THQ Nordic represents a core approach of doing much more than “owning” a highly competitive portfolio of IP. We cherish them, and align them with the very best development resources to expand upon them with the level of experience that communities and established fan bases expect and deserve. Side note – another upside to this whole rebrand thing is we don’t get asked about the Nordic Game parties at Gamescom anymore – it was the other guys who threw them.

With this rebrand we are entering the next phase in our company’s evolution.

As of now we have 23 game projects in development, 13 thereof have not yet been publicly announced, but are sure to be in the next months. Needless to say, the majority of these projects are based on former THQ owned IPs and franchises.

Of course there is a lot more to the overall announcement here but it is more or less general numbers and stats based on the THQ and Nordic Games rebranding. You can read all of that in the link above if you are truly interested but more or less the clipping from above states what a lot of us will be focusing on. Outside of that we just need to wait and see what THQ Nordic will be bringing us all in the coming months and years. Hopefully they don’t go under as the past company did.

What do you think about THQ Nordic getting the rebranding here? What titles do you think or hope are already in development out of the new studios and publisher here? Do you think that we may see some of their older IPs make their way back or have they been sold off for good? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on this development and what titles they will be bringing us, be sure to stay right here as we will keep the updates coming right at you.

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