THQ Has Spirit, How About You?

THQ Has Spirit, How About You?

THQ announces All Star Cheer Squad for the Wii and DS

Okay get ready to roast me, but I am completely intrigued by THQ’s announcement of All Star Cheer Squad for the Wii and DS. As a former cheerleader, I can’t help but giggle as I imagine people cheering with Wii-mote in hand in the their living room. Players will enter into the world of competitive cheer leading as seen in Bring it on.

“With the explosive growth of the girls gaming market in recent years due to the continued success of Wii and DS, our ongoing goal is to stay at the cutting edge of that success by bringing a brand new property for this segment to these popular systems,” said Jim Huntley, director of global brand management, THQ. “We’re thrilled to introduce All Star Cheer Squad to the industry as a triple-a title that will get players involved in the action of what it takes to be an all star as well as make up their own unique cheer routines.”

Players will step into a cheerleaders shoes (they are pretty comfy), and practice to make the squad. Your ultimate goal, if you choose to accept it, is to become captain. THQ actually got Cheer leading Choreographer Tony G who worked on the Bring It On movies to work on the game.

The most intriguing part? All Star Cheer Squad will also use the Wii Balance Board. Oh yeah.

Just make sure you don’t drop the Spirit Stick!

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