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Rise Of The Argonauts

First let me thank Mythicgriffon for hooking up this video as well as being there when we did our own little interview with this same guy. He was very knowledgeable about a lot of things and nice enough to entertain us for about an hour or so. No more gilding the lilly though.

I brought this up a while back when I first heard about this game from Codemasters. It was so cool to see another of the few games out there that revolve around Greek religion and stories. This one seems to stick somewhat close to the original tales, as much as they can to make it a good game that is. I mean, this guy actually stated that he thought Homer, not from the Simpsons but the Greek writer, was the original game-master. That’s right, Homer: The OG. But I digest.

He went into a bit more on how the game leveling and combat system will flow as well as how the story will stay dynamic enough to where you can play multiple times and never have the exact same game the next time. How’s that you ask? Well each choice you make in response to questions you are asked or given during the game alter the overall story. Also, who you bring to the mission and islands you go to also change what kind of story you will be going through. Like the one big one he showed us was that there is a fight with Medusa, as should be in any good Greek story based game. You get an option to either kill Medusa or redeem her. Each with their own deviations to alter those outcomes. Depending on the choice, the island is different. During the lead up to Medusa, you get the option to allow some of the people turned to stone to stay that way or revive them. Not minor NPCs, but actually named characters in the game. Can’t go into too much more because he did tell a few things that I could see he wasn’t suppose to.

Now I did ask a question that was on my mind when I first saw this game. Seeing as only one game thus far has featured this person in a good light and it was only once. The million dollar question? Is Hades in it? The response, yes and no. Outside of the four main gods you use to level with, the others are just mentioned and used for their Fable-like function of the game. The gods are always watching, as in the stories, and even little things like breaking an item could piss of a god to hamper or change the overall story. Not the full answer I wanted, but at least this guy knew who Hades was and not the bad Disney version of him. It made me giddy.

So Kudos to this guy. He was awesome. About half of that hour we were there was just chatting about the Greek stories, most he knew rather well. Below is part of what we saw, he did this same opening sequence for us as well. We actually seemed more interested in the game outside of the general QA that most of the interviewers at this booth did. As you will see it is a very short clip. Enjoy.

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