The Walking Dead Season 3 Is Coming & Bringing A Familiar Face

The Walking Dead — Season 3

The first teaser trailer for The Walking Dead’s third season has been revealed and it looks like The Walking Dead is jumping forward in time but keeping fan favorites

If you were able to pay full attention to everything out of E3 then this may be old news to you but for those who were overloaded with news, then you may have missed that The Walking Dead season three is slated to start up sometime this Fall. Not only that but we have a nice little trailer out of Telltale Games and a few little tidbits on the game directly. Given the success of The Walking Dead in general it shouldn’t have been that big of a shocker to see the third season coming but in this season it looks like the surprises are more in the game than that it is coming. Especially given the demand after how season two ended for a lot of us out there. Hopefully you know what is about there…

There are still plenty of details being held back for this season of The Walking Dead but as it turns out it looks like time has jumped forward a bit since we last saw Clementine. Yes, she will be back and in a leading role for the game. Her and a new character named Javier that will also take up a lead role. How that will play out is still being held back but given the secrecy here I am guessing it will not be like in Tales From The Borderlands or Game Of Thrones. Then again it could be and Telltale is just building the anticipation a bit more.

I am a bit curious if the time jump here in this season is to deal with the multiple different endings that we had in season two. I was always curious on how that was going to be handled as they were so vast and could lead The Walking Dead so many different paths and locations. That is if you want to ignore the number of different characters that could still be alive or dead that the writers would have to deal with. Sadly, I have a feeling that the time jump is something to kind of negate the final choice we had to make and bring us all to a spot where it doesn’t matter where we jump into the franchise here.

The Walking Dead — Season 3

So what CAN we say about this upcoming season? For a start, who’s that guy with Clementine? His name is Javier. Yes, Clem returns and will play a key role, but this is a new story as much as it is a continuation of Seasons One and Two. Players completely new to the Telltale series will be able to jump right in without feeling lost at all, and those familiar with previous seasons will perhaps find some even deeper meaning, as we’ll be working to ensure save file decisions will carry over from the last two games if you’ve played them in the past.

When it comes to Clementine, players’ relationships with her have very much evolved over the course of Seasons One and Two. In Season One, it was all about playing a more paternal role and helping a little girl find her feet and the courage to survive in a world gone to hell. Season Two was about Clementine developing her skills and becoming more independent of the people around her. In this next season, she’s in her early teens, and has grown to be a person who is clearly capable of handling herself – someone very much on the same level as Javier, a fellow survivor who has been through hell, and has managed to remain alive as long as Clem.

On another note here for the trailer, it does look like the very comic book feel of The Walking Dead is getting a bit of an upgrade here. Before all of the episodes had a very two dimensional feel to it all but here it looks like the textures are getting a bit more depth. At least that is how I see it based on the shine of the blood and guts on the zombies shown here. This could just be Telltale Games trying to set themselves a bit apart in the franchise as they do now have one that falls in cannon with the comic and this one is a bit of an offshoot. It could also just be the new tech they are using. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Are you glad to see a solid time frame for The Walking Dead‘s third season to release now? Did you worry that they wouldn’t use Clem as a lead character or is she going to be the lead until they get the guts to kill her off in the true franchise manner? What are your thoughts on the upgraded visuals or do you think I’m seeing a bit more than your average user? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. As more on the third season of The Walking Dead comes out we will have it here for you. Be sure to stay locked into the site for all of those updates as they come.

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