The Seventh Episode Of Minecraft: Story Mode Is Coming Into Control

Minecraft: Story Mode — Access Denied

The release date for Minecraft: Story Mode’s seventh episode has been set and it looks like the world of Minecraft is getting the Tron and Borg treatment

The seventh episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, or second in the adventure pass, has a release date set and it looks like it will be July 26th here. On this date we will get to see how much further down the rabbit hole Telltale Games is going to take us into their take on the famed Mojang IP that has a few hits and misses in my eyes. Especially the one where they didn’t split this into a second season of Minecraft: Story Mode instead of just making it all an add-on. None the less it is coming and we have the first details about the new bit of story.

You can see the new trailer for the episode just below but it looks like the crew from Minecraft: Story Mode is taking a page out of the Sliders book and are heading into a world that is controlled by a crazed AI program that wants to assimilate everyone for usefulness and efficiency. Just as a crazed AI always does. Of course we will also be teaming up with another guest voice in the game who is the creator of said AI and is showing us just how to shut it all down. Kind of a tale as old as time here but all in the blocky world that has been made just as famous.

Here’s the new trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode‘s next episode. Have a look and then sit back and wait for it to launch next week on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices. So many platforms.

Minecraft: Story Mode — Access Denied

In Episode 7: ‘Access Denied’, continuing their portal journey in search of home, Jesse and crew land in a world entirely controlled by PAMA – a sinister “thinking machine” determined to command everyone and everything in pursuit of optimal usefulness and efficiency. Forced on the run to avoid capture and assimilation, you’ll need to work with a new ally to defeat the corrupted computer and free the population it has enslaved.

The all-star cast gets another new addition for this episode, with Yvette Nicole Brown (Community) as Harper, PAMA’s creator in hiding.

Are you excited for this episode of Minecraft: Story Mode? Do you agree that it is an old story type now or is it something that needed to brought up yet again? Where do you think that the team in the game will go from here? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Minecraft: Story Mode be sure to keep your eyes glued here to the site. We’ll have more as it all comes out and you won’t want to miss it.

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