The Pokemon League

As some of you may know Calamity, Clov3r, Riotmonster, and I are running something called The Pokemon League. And this Narticle is being written to reach the masses, and call all pokemon trainers to participate in our League. Allow me to tell you a little about this:

What It Is:
Pokemon, as I am sure you all know, is a game where you raise monsters to battle them against other trainers. To Participate in the tournament, you will need a Nintendo DS lite, a wireless internet connection, and either Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl.

Starting on June 14th, we pair trainers up to battle (via drawing names from a hat randomly) and over the next several days or what could even be weeks, we do a bracket-style Battle Royale similar to the March Madness brackets for basketball: the winner from one match goes on to battle the winner from another and so on and so forth. We plan on keeping an up to date bracket, complete with trainer photos, running on the League page ( during this time. Quite obviously, the battles continue until there is only one person remaining. Trainers will be responsible for setting up a time between themselves to conduct the battle, and will also be responsible for reporting who won back to the League.

What Happens Next:
The League fun is only just beginning once the Battle Royale is over. The top players, a number to be determined once we know how many people we will have participating, will earn the titles of Gym Leaders and Elites. Those Gym Leaders then get to make up their own gym, badge, badge name, and provide a team with a common theme, much like in the game (not only type tho, get CREATIVE!). Clov3r will be standing by to help with the artwork. You will have badges made from photoshop. Then, players can challenge you for the badges to earn the right to stick them on their profiles. Elites will also garner a special set of rules and privileges, yet to be determined.

As more people get involved after the tourney, we will upgrade the number of gyms we have, so if you didn’t make it into the gym leader status the first time around, earn those badges! And you just might get promoted!

We will also have a system in place for Gym Leaders to loser their gyms, in a way not yet determined.

What You Need to Do:
If you are interested in participating, go to the League page and friend us! Leave us a comment with your friend code saying you’re interested. We will add you to the list of players. Also on the page you will find useful information in the blogs, and even our Pokemon Trade Center, a blog where you can ask for any pokemon you may need.

And start training your team! The battles are not far off, will YOU earn gym leader status???

Click the banner to go to the League Page! (or steal it to place on your profile in support!)


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