The Next Beyond Good & Evil Title Is Officially In The Works Now

Beyond Good & Evil 2 — Confirmed

The rumors from before about Beyond Good & Evil’s next title being in the works as a new Beyond Good & Evil has been officially announced

Just about a week ago we started to see rumors flying about a new Beyond Good & Evil title being in the works. All of this spawned from Michel Ancel, the IP’s creator, starting to post concept art from his personal account and not one from Ubisoft. This is why a lot of the Beyond Good & Evil tidbits were filtered under rumor and speculation as he could have just been posting old bits of art for fun and nothing official. That was my original take on it all as I didn’t want to get myself too hyped up for nothing in the end.

Well as it looks, a new Beyond Good & Evil is on its way and in the works by Ancel. According to the most recent update on the official Facebook page for Beyond Good & Evil it has been confirmed and all of what we have seen has been true concept art for the game. Of course all we have here is the announcement and nothing more; not even if it is a sequel or a prequel as rumors pointed to. None the less it has been given the announcement and we should expect to see and hear more in the near future. All of course with as little speculation as it is real now.

Beyond Good And Evil

If you’ve been waiting for news about BG&E… well, here you go! We are delighted to confirm that Michel Ancel is currently working with the Ubisoft Montpellier Studio on a new Beyond Good & Evil game.

Just in case you missed out on the other bits of concept art that Ancel posted out there for Beyond Good & Evil, we have them just a bit below. Both look to be characters from the franchise’s past in some manner but just as before there is nothing solid to go on. All we get to know is that this is all to prep us and the team for the new game. Whenever and on whatever it may be coming to. Most likely something will be made more public at E3 next year but only time will tell as usual.

Are you glad to see that a new Beyond Good & Evil is officially in the work? Did you doubt the rumors or did you buy completely into it all when the first bit of art popped up? Do you think this will be a sequel or a prequel to the original game as the rumors dictate? Let us know and discuss in the comments below. For more on Beyond Good & Evil as it evolves, be sure to stick right here as we’ll be out there looking for more news and updates to bring you. You won’t want to miss out.

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