The New Warcraft Experience!! … I Mean Patch 3.02

Yesterday the final major patch for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade was released, meaning Wrath of the Lich King is almost here. Just like pre-BC, Blizzard decided to release a major patch of content to ease the stress of all the new content before the release of the expansion. With patch 3.02 came new spells, new talents, and tons and tons and tons (and I mean TONS) of new utilities.

One of the major additions to patch 3.02 was the Achievement System, and I must say I’m pretty impressed. What does this do for me? Well nothing really, but it’s pretty badass to see all the things I’ve done throughout Warcraft. Here’s a screenshot of what the achievement window looks like:


Many NPC’s have been removed/relocated, hard to obtain mounts are now
locked, and other small changes have been made. Other big changes that are
noticeable are… with the classes. For one, Retribution Paladins are now easily
the best PvP class in the game, with even Warlocks complaining about their
uberness, but I’m sure it’ll die down.


I haven’t had too hands-on time with the new patch, but I will when I get
home. I logged onto my shaman to check out achievements and to put my talent
points in, and I must say I like the Spirit Wolves :D.

All-in-all, this is an all around amazing patch and Blizzard outdid

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