*The Last Guy

*The Last Guy – In Review

So North America finally got this game on their PSNs as of yesterday. To buy that is. Not a bad little $9.99 download for the console. But I’m sure most of you Sony fans have already heard enough about this game leading up to launch. Well I’m going on further and going to write a half assed review on it for ya.

It’s funny, but this game kind of reminds me of Infected for the PSP. Only not as blood filled. Instead of trying to kill and destroy all of the “zombies” (I’ll explain the quotes later.) you are sent out to rescue all the people who were not affected by some crazy purple laser beam. All they had to do was stay inside when it happened and they were in the clear. But in any instance, you run around collecting people to bring to a drop zone while wearing what looks like a cape and holding a trident. At least that is what it looks like to me.

So that being the premise, or at least enough without any spoiler, lets move on.

The graphics for the game are pretty nice given the fact that it is essentially a 2D side-scrolling game. Although I am kind of curious on the choice for making the normal zombies purple. I’m guessing due to the purple beam. But it’s minor. But it is nice to see a kind of 3D element to the game with how some of the sprites are built onto the level. Also, the creature designs are not all that crazy but not too bland. I give it a B.

I love the music for the game. Nice beats and easy to get stuck in your head. Just as it should be. Although I have become a huge fan of running my own play lists in the background of my games, so the new Slipknot will be taking it over after a bit.

The game play for the game is really easy to get a hang of, but it is sometimes hard to see where the boundaries of the map are. At least when it comes to the buildings and other environmental objects. But the night vision helps out quite a bit with that.

The only thing that doesn’t seem to fly too well for me is the fact that they are not really zombies. More just altered humans than anything, but that is just potato and potato. (That doesn’t translate in written text well.) I get that they needed to have some kind of enemy, but they should have really just called it what it was.

The final verdict, download the demo for free and if you enjoy the demo then totally buy the full version.

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