The Heroes Of Overwatch Are Emerging In The Latest Video

Overwatch — Hero

The fourth and final Overwatch animated short has been released to get us all ready for Overwatch’s eminent release date here tomorrow

Only hours away now and we all will be hoping into the fun of Overwatch. It seems like a long and wobbly ride but we are on the verge of Blizzard‘s latest title having its full launch and now the anticipation has hit its high as we pre-download everything to our PS4, Xbox One, or PC to be ready to hit the ground running. Of course that means we still have to make it through the day here and thankfully we have a bit more of Overwatch to see just before the long game filled days and nights. They are going to be long and game filled right?

Here we go with the fourth and final animated short for Overwatch now. This one titled simply as ‘Hero’ and features the amazing work of Soldier 76 doing what he does best. From the look of things that is be Batman outside of Gotham where the rest of the world needs saving. Even though it all plays out as if none of the other shorts are truly connected in but that is how they all have up to now so I guess it doesn’t matter. Unless this is all of them reacting to being called back to duty in the very first clip we ever saw.

Enough of my words though. It is time to watch the whole thing in action and get stated for a few minutes as we all wait for Overwatch to officially launch. Maybe have a fun time and relive all four of the videos to help kill just under a half hour. At least that will make the wait just a bit easier to bear.

Overwatch — Hero

Are you overly hyped for Overwatch to finally release? Are you a bit curious on why these animated shorts only feature the few characters that they do? Do you think that Blizzard could make a full on feature film for this game if it does well? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and discuss. For more on Overwatch as we pass through the release date keep your eyes right here. As they updates flow on out we will have them here for you. Hopefully there will also be more shorts like this but I don’t think we should hold our breath.

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