The Heroes In For Honor Are Here To Show You What They Are Made Of

For Honor — Hero Series

A new video series for For Honor has begun and it give us a look at each of the heroes from For Honor that we will get to play with

So far we’ve seen some of the different factions in For Honor for us to get amped about. It does look like we have something truly amazing coming out of Ubisoft here for this game but of course we all want more as we wait for it to launch this February 14th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Now we get to have a good look at the “heroes” of each faction in For Honor and the histories behind them all. Mostly they look to mirror the real world versions of each but there are some great differences just for the game and that is a little more exciting and confusing.

I won’t go into much more as the videos definitely explain it all a lot better. I am a bit curious on how the only hero that truly looks to get some kind of supernatural feature in For Honor is The Warden. That would be the Knights for those who haven’t skipped down just yet. But it looks like they will have a “holy” form of healing but that is me speculating based on the following trailers for each and that group being the only one to show something like that so far. Maybe the others do too but not from what can be seen here. I guess we’ll see.

For Honor — The Kensei

History has not been kind to the Samurai. After losing their homeland to sea and fire, the nomadic warriors have ceased their wandering and have rebuilt themselves a new nation under a mighty Emperor.

For Honor — The Warden

Scattered for centuries, the Knights have begun at last to gather again under a single banner: that of the Iron Legion.

For Honor — The Raider

Previously thought to have vanished, the Vikings have returned to plunder, take new lands, and reclaim their ancient homeland in the north.

Which group here in For Honor do you think will be your “go to” when it launches? Do you think it is a bit odd that the Knights are the only ones showing any true form of supernatural abilities here? How truly deep do think Ubisoft went into recreating the combat styles of each of these groups based on what we’ve seen so far? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things For Honor as we head toward the official release be sure to stay right here as we’ll have everything that we can up on the site for your pleasure.

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