The Greatest Show On Earth

Video Games Live

Ok, so first let me say, if you haven’t heard of this show or had no interest in going, I would say look into it or re-think it. It may not sound all that awesome when you first hear about it, but it was probably one of the best shows I have seen in quite some time. Worth braving the heat and a little bit of sun here in Vegas to go see it as well. If that gives you any inkling on how good it is. Here, let me give you a quick overview of what myself and a few other members here got to go through with this event.

I don’t have a full set list, so this is coming from memory as well as a few things left out so it won’t ruin the show for those who have yet to see it.

Let it also be said that there was a costume contest that I am pretty sure was done before the show began. The winner here was a girl dressed up like the Silent Hill nurse. I really wish I got a picture of it, but alas, I failed at that. Totally thought the Nemesis costume was going to win though. So did the guy next to me. But he said it was only because he had a gun. In any instance, there was a great prize for the winner, so go in costume if you can.

First we all found our seats and were given a nice opening of a great Video. I’m sure you’ve all seen it before, but this was essentially the build up to the first performance.

After that, there was a great, what I call, Overture for the show. This consisted a montage of classic 8-bit games. All ranging from the orchestra playing the bleeps and bloops of Pong all the way to the Midi music of Ghouls and Goblins. Doesn’t sound all that cool, but believe me, it was. I mean, come on, music for Pong. Pong. Think about it.

There was the standard welcome to the show from there where they introduced all the main players of the event. With David Hayter introducing the MC, Tommy Tallarico. Well not there physically due to the MGS4 signing tour, but at least voiced in, with Hideo Kojima doing a video for the first portion of the show. You guessed it, Metal Gear.

This was the only part of the show where I thought about leaving. Only because hearing the music and seeing the game footage on screen made me want to go and continue MGS4. That’s how much I was moved by it.

Then there was a few songs from God of War, Medal of Honor, Civilization IV. Let me say, the God of War was done superbly. I will say it was almost like cranking up my sound system at home and hearing it all again. Like stated in the show, it’s how you would imagine rich people to play their games. Hire a full orchestra and choir for it.

I was not a real fan of the Medal of Honor stuff though. Like a few other games done in the show, they opted to not show game footage with the music. This one was one of the ones that it didn’t work for me with. It was just a montage of video clips and such from real world news. Very much like something you would see on the history channel. I don’t know, I just couldn’t appreciate the music as much seeing those visuals over the game footage. Just me I guess.

Intertwined into all of this was the first onstage contest the took place. They randomly chose a member of the audience to come onstage and play Space Invaders while the orchestra played the music in real time with the player. The best part, they had the guy that was chosen wear a black shirt with the hero ship on the back. He had to physically move to get the onscreen ship to move. That wasn’t the funny part though. It was the fact that they looked to have a large shirt for the guy, while he was probably a XXL. So they had to force it onto the guy. Friggin hilarious! Unfortunately for the guy, he was not able to finish the level in under 2 minutes, so he did not win the Arcade Cabinet they were giving away.

There were also some great live performances that occurred that I had no clue about. First was Martin Leung playing a piano version of the Final Fantasy music. It was friggin awesome to hear. Now I bet you are thinking, where have I heard about him before. He’s the guy on YouTube that plays the Mario music on the piano blindfolded. He’s got much more going on than that, but that is probably the reference most of you will know at first. Actually got to watch him perform that live as well as meet him afterwards. Let me say, all the BS on there about him not being able to do it, is just that, BS. He did it live for us all there that night. So if you have any doubts, I’ll attest to him being able to do it.

Then there was also Dee Baker. Phenomenal voice actor. I mean, he’s fucking Olmec. Cookie to anyone who knows who that is, outside of the people that I was with at the show. That would be cheating. But he also came out and showed some of the voices and sound effects he does for games and cartoons. I use to think that Michael Winslow was then end all of this, but I sat corrected. On top of demonstrating his awesome talent, he was challenged to voice one of the monsters from Gears of War during a battle scene, all in real time. ZOMG! It was friggin’ brilliant.

Dee Baker on Stage

Dee Baker on Stage

Martin Leung and Dee Baker

Mythicgriffon, Martin Leung, Miragel, Dee Baker, Me

Then there was a special treat specifically for Las Vegas added into the mix. Because Westwood Studios, makes of Command and Conquer, was founded here in Vegas, they saw it only fit to have the guys in charge of the music for the new game perform along side the orchestra and choir. It was insanely awesome. Words really can not describe it. They really can’t. After that, there was a short 20 minute intermission.

At this point, this is where I got to talk to my crowd about the show. Rave reviews from everyone that I spoke with. In fact, most of us just wanted to go back and continue the performance without the intermission that we were given. Totally did not feel like over and hour and a half of awesomeness flew by. So, after a little debacle about my seating, we got revved up for the next half of the show.

More music greats performed. Metroid, Zelda, Sonic, Another awesome piano performance from Martin Leung, and a Halo tribute. The Halo part even had Tommy rocking out with the orchestra. It was awesome. Then of course, they did the standard Rock Show thing and made it seem like the show was over only to come out and play two more songs. I won’t say what they were, but it was phenomenal. I even got some insight on the show they will be doing at Comic Con. One word, “Pyrotechnics.” Think about it.

So as we all filed out in an orderly manner, we exited out to a line. Like good little sheep, me and my crowd got into the line. Later finding out it was for a meet and greet with the actual composers and voice talent. Awesome. But then Emeril came out and kicked it up a notch. Not literally, but in the form of ♡Aktrez♡. It really is a small world. I had no clue that Miragel knew her and such. That’ll learn me. πŸ™‚ But I’ll cut to the chase here.

We all got snagged from line and taken backstage for a bit to let the line for the meet-n-greet to get shorter. Got to hang out and have a rather good time. Even got to meet the guy who wore the Halo armor on stage for the Halo performance. As well as see the armor. See pics below for that. Then back up to where the meet-n-greet was winding down. We where literally the last of the “civilians” to leave, so we got to hang with all of the performers, composers, and the guys from Petroglyph Games. I wish I would have known before hand or I would have brought some of my game booklets to get signed by the guys and such. Hindsight.

So to end this, I will go the same route I do with my Film reviews on here. As well as post a few more images of the awesomeness.

Looking at the performance as a whole, it was brilliant. Glad to hear that their show numbers are growing at an exponential rate. If you are on the fence about seeing them when they come to a theater near you, DO IT! You will not regret it. You have no idea how much balls this kicked. On top of that, all the fun gaming stuff that occurs around this event. Check out the link below for show dates and locations. I’ll be at the one in San Diego as well, so if for some reason you want to meet the eccentric thing that is me, there is an added bonus to that show as well. I jest.

PWNed the Shit out of orchestrated concerts!

Check It Out
Me and ♡Aktrez♡

Me and ♡Aktrez♡. We both said we should have had PWNed shirts on for this BTW.

The outside meet and greet.

The outside meet and greet.

Miragel inside Master Chief

Miragel inside Master Chief

The Group And Tommy

From L->R. Lurker Fish, Martin Leung, Me, Lurker Zeus, Mythicgriffon, Lurker Neilz, Tommy Tallarico, Lurker Todd, Lurker Ross, Lurker Alexis, Miragel, Lurker Ike

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