The Desert Bus for hope

The Guys at LoadingReadyRun are doing it again. They are playing the infamous Desert Bus game as long as they can for charity. 

Supported by Geoff from Pure Pwnage, Felicia Day from “The Guild”, Will Wheaton from Star Trek The Next Generation, and Tycho from Penny-Arcade the boys (and some girls I’m assuming) are playing the game Desert Bud for as long as they can. The more you donate the longer they play the mind numbing game.

At the time of writing they have managed to raise nearly 60 thousand dollars. So get youy butt over there, maybe here…or possibly here to go and check out the live cams and maybe donate a little to keep them playing.

Remember… the more you donate the longer they are tortured with this goddamn game. Check out the blog… they sometimes do random things like shaving people beards off.

(All those links to Desert Bus are the same)

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