TF2 updates coming to 360 later this year.

If you’re like me and own a copy of The Orange Box for 360, you’re probably upset that the PC version gets all the good updates. But alas, Valve is finally bringing all the updates delivered via Steam to the Xbox Live Marketplace. New class-specific Achievements, new unlockable weapons for the Pyro, Medic and Heavy, new gameplay modes and new maps. Doug Lombardi, Valve marketing director, said that he wanted to build up a massive update for 360 users before delivering. But like a lot of good things there’s always a price to pay. Valve is forced to charge for this update to ensure that us 360 owners are getting our money’s worth. There’s no official price but Valve is trying to go as low as possible, aiming for $10. Sorry PS3 owners, no updates….yet.

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