Team Fortress 2 – updates that are Hot hot HOT!

Today, Valve released a whole bunch of updates for Team Fortress 2. Of the updates come 2 (not so new) maps. Valve has been keeping a close eye on it’s servers and it seems that it picked it’s 2 favorite user-created maps and stuffed them into today’s TF2 Update. CP_Fastlane and CTF_Turbine are now available to you – so you can join these servers without having to wait to download them.

On another note, Valve’s second installment of the TF2 Achievement updates has also been released today. The Pryo’s achievment pack and 3 new unlockable weapons are yours for the taking. The Flaregun, The Backburner and the Axtinguisher are now unlockable for you and your buddies. Collect all 35 new achivements and unlock them yourself!

…but do remember, play responsibly. No body likes a team full of useless Pyro’s. Pick cllasses with your better judgement and don’t forget the little guys.

Last, but surely not least – is another longly anticipated release of the TF2 series.  Meet the Sniper is now available for your viewing pleasure on Steam and most any other game-trailer website. Don’t forget you can download the videos directly to your steam account for free.

For more information about the Pyro’s updates and new maps, click here.
To watch the “Meet the Sniper” video, click here

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