System Shock’s Remaster Needs Your Help Through Kickstarter

System Shock — Pre-Alpha Steam Trailer

The Kickstarter campaign for System Shock’s remaster has been launched and there are all kinds of System Shock rewards to go with it

It was announced to be coming and that we might be able to help get a System Shock remaster up and running and now is the time. It looks like the Kickstarter campaign to get the full development up into full swing has kicked off from Night Dive Studios. In fact, it has been up for a day as of this writing and it looks like System Shock is already halfway to hitting the goal of being funded. A funding goal that is set at $900,000 just to get the game on the PC and Xbox One. At this rate it looks like the stretch goal to get it also on the Mac and Linux platforms as well will be hit but let’s focus on just getting the game funded first.

News that this remaster was in the works hit all of us way back in March around the same time that System Shock 3 was officially announced but that is being worked on by another team at this moment. I’m guessing this is why they are looking for more funds as there will be a whole lot of System Shock going on here soon and there will need to be a lot of people payed to do this. Something we can only help with by backing the Kickstarter which, like I said, seems to be extremely fruitful still.

System Shock — Pre-Alpha Steam Trailer

Of course this does mean that there are a lot of new things going around for System Shock as the campaign needs to offer up a lot of enticing things to get the money flowing. There are the usual suspects with the most popular level being just getting a copy of the game when all is said and done but it looks like for a mere $5,000 pledge you can also get a fully themed System Shock Razer Blade laptop to play the game on along with a whole lot of other little extras. Something that as of this writing has already secured three out of thirty backers to shell out for. Not a bad option if you have the funds.

Will you be backing the System Shock campaign here or just sit back and hope it succeeds so you can purchase the game at a later date? Do you think that some of the extremely far out stretch goals will include other platforms like the PS4 or will these be our only options? In terms of the gameplay above, do you think Night Dive Studios is bringing us just what we want? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. Seeing as this campaign looks like it will succeed so far, be sure to stay right here for all of the System Shock remastered news that will be coming. I know there will be plenty to come.

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