Super Heroes Unite!

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II Details, Platforms

So there is not all that much to talk about on this game. Other than the act that it is coming out. Like we didn’t expect that from the huge success and lead up to the big Marvel movies coming out. That and the fact that the first one was frigging awesome as well. Now for the details.

It will be picking up from the Civil War storyline where you will have to choose a side. If you don’t know what that series is about, READ A BOOK! πŸ™‚ On top of that, you should be able to choose over 20 playable characters where you can even cause a hybrid of powers by mixing two heroes together. Not really sure on that, but it sounds interesting. But having Venom as one of the listed characters, Awesome. One more step to the ultimate dream team. Venom and Deadpool FTW!. It also looks to be coming out on all current consoles.

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