Summon Up The Concepts

Final Fantasy XIII Exhibition Of Original Drawings

So on top of announcing the fact that there is going to be a demo for the game come this March, another bit that was featured at the DKΣ3713 event was some of the concept work for the new FF game. In particular, three of the summons and a few locations in the game. Not the best resolution that was available, but it is something for all of us fanboys/girls to drool over while we wait for the demo and release of the game.

Here are some of the concepts for Ifrit, Sheva and Carbunkle. Not too shabby looking, but I mean did you really think they were going to be crap in a jar? I didn’t. For more, click the link below. There are also a few other things that they showed of at their private party. Enjoy. I need a mop now.

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