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Harmonix vs. Activision

Viacom withdraws ‘Guitar’ suit

I thought that this was all handled and now here it kind of goes again. I’m talking about the Harmonix vs. Activision thing in case you are actually reading this before clicking the link. It looks like this time around it was Harmonix slapping one down on Activision for not abiding by the contract they all agreed on. It looks like Activision signed off on paying royalties for the GH franchise and is not paying what they said they would be. This of course led to what it always does, Court Time. But before it actually went through with anything, they decided to talk it out, outside of the courtroom. I don’t know, if someone owed me $14.5 million and didn’t pay up, I’d be in court for a different reason. Guess that’s why I’m not in charge of a company…yet…

Now, my personal feelings on this is that this is just a strike back from Harmonix because of the Rock Band/Guitar Hero compatibility thing. You know how the controllers don’t work back and forth depending on the System you play on. I think this was just their way of getting Activision to sit down and honestly hash it all out. Why do I think this, the suit was filed for less than 24 hours before they were reported to be entering talks. Fishy right?

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