Styx: Shards Of Darkness Adds A Mess Of New Enemies To Hunt Us

Styx: Shards Of Darkness — Screenshot

New screenshots for Styx: Shards Of Darkness have been released and they showcase some of the new dangerous enemies Styx will have to take on or avoid in the game

I was pretty sure we were going to have to wait until E3 to get more on Styx: Shards Of Darkness but it looks like we don’t have to. Of course that is where the bulk of what Cyanide Studios has to offer us will be shown but at least for now it looks like we are getting a small update. In this case it is a few new screenshots for the game as well as some descriptions of the horrible monsters and enemy factions that Styx will have to kill or avoid along the way to his next big score. That is if they keep a similar story line to the original as to the motivations of the character.

As it looks we have two new factions here for Styx: Shards Of Darkness. One is a group of Dark Elves who have mastered living without amber and fabricating Quartz. Quartz being a more dangerous source of power that I am sure is going to be one of the driving factors of the game. Not to mention that they are listed as experts in hunting down goblins too boot. While not directly indicated here it sounds like they will be able to see into the shadows and spot us where we think we are safe. At least the shadows were safe the first time around.

Next we have a new batch of Dwarves to handle as well. They look to be extremely well armored in both the screenshot and description below which sounds like they will be near immune to the normal assassination tactics from the first game. Also listed is the fact that they have a keen sense of smell for goblins specifically. I read that as they will be able to sense when Styx is nearby or hiding around the corner. Just when you thought you mastered all of the moves and tactics from the previous game we have all kinds of new challenges thrown in. I know I am ready for it at least.

One of the hostile factions you will meet in the huge underground city of Korrangar is composed of the Dark Elves. Dark Elves were previously Elves who had to live without any amber for multiple generations. Slowly, they have been turning into fanatic and bloodthirsty creatures. They became masters in Quartz fabrication, a new, much more dangerous, source of power. They are also experts at goblin hunting and the Exterminator Dark Elf is proof of that. He has honed his skills to perfection, and is able to flush out pesky creatures hiding in dark corners and hard-to-reach places with toxic bombs.

If there’s an even more dangerous place than Korrangar, it would be Wildoran, the city of goblin hunters. Wildoran inhabitants are stout people wearing heavy armor – the powerful Dwarves. Styx is unable to breach their impenetrable defense, so you must innovate and adapt to disable or avoid them. Every dwarf also has a supernatural sense of smell, and is able to slowly track Styx as he moves from cover to cover.

How is Styx: Shards Of Darkness looking to you now with the upgraded engine and character changes? Did you expect new “hunters” like this to be added in as the previous title had a lack of them? What do you think the third big creature in the screenshots is as it was left out of the descriptions? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Styx: Shards Of Darkness and all of the updates for it be sure to stay right around this site for it all. We’ll be right on top of it smelling out all the juicy little tidbits.

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