Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

The first of five monthly Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People
episodes, will premiere Monday, August 11. “Homestar Ruiner” will
release on Nintendo’s WiiWare™ download service in North and South
America and worldwide on PC simultaneously. WiiWare availability for
Europe, Australia and New Zealand will follow shortly.

As the
star of the popular web cartoons, Strong Bad has
been answering emails (in boxing gloves), pranking his friends,
pummeling his enemies, and making people with questionable taste snort
milk out of their noses for years. Now he’s branching out to star in
the monthly Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People series
developed in partnership with creators Mike and Matt

In the season premiere, Strong Bad’s plans to beat the
snot out of his rival Homestar Runner backfire, and he ends up with an
unwanted houseguest cramping his style. Now he needs to get life back
to normal, by any means possible. Comical point-and-click gameplay
progresses the story, with side quests, mini games, achievements, and
an “extended play” sandbox mode that unlocks after the story is
completed rounding out the game experience.

“Homestar Ruiner is
a great series premiere and kick-off for the season. The next five
months will be filled with lots of surprises,” says Telltale CEO Dan
Connors. “This is how we always envisioned episodic gaming—monthly
releases, straight into the living room. We’re happy to be working with
the Chapmans and Nintendo to make it a reality.”

New Strong Bad
episodes can be downloaded from the Wii™ Shop Channel each month for
1000 Wii Points™. The series takes advantage of the WiiConnect24™
technology by giving players the ability to send Strong Bad-themed
emails to Wii friends directly from the Lappy. Photos taken using the
in-game camera feature can be attached to emails, allowing players to
show off Easter eggs uncovered or hidden costumes collected during the

“We are very excited,” said a Videlectrix spokesperson
from his pretend high-rise office, “Our last game topped out at 8 bits.
We’ve heard this one might reach 9 or 10!”

Downloadable versions
of each Strong Bad episode will also be available for the PC
exclusively from Telltale’s website, with preorders starting today at
Episodes can be purchased individually for $8.95 or as part of a
five-episode subscription for $34.95. As with Telltale’s popular Sam
& Max series, customers who purchase the full series from Telltale
will later be eligible to get a disc version for the cost of shipping
and handling.

After the “Homestar Ruiner” premiere on August 11,
storylines in the monthly episodes will run the gamut from political
struggles to rock’n roll to the world of videogames (of course),
building to the exciting season finale in December. Many fan favorite
characters from Free Country USA will appear in each episode, along
with special new super 8-bit style mini-games from Videlectrix.
Additional details about the series can be found at

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