Square Enix New IP Scaring It Up On The DS

To anyone who has seen Ringu or the U.S. remake, The Ring, is familiar with having only 7 days to live after watching a videotape. Well Square Enix brings a new IP to the Nintendo DS, which replaces the tape with a note.  You play as a young college student whom receives a note, known as “The Game Of The Curse” along with friends that says you must pass this on to someone else or die within 7 days.  You don’t take it seriously until one of your friends dies in a tragic death after receiving the same note.  Now you must try and figure out the curse as you are approaching your turn to die.  Will you figure out the “game” and end the curse, or will you receive the same fate as your friend? 

The game will be held like a book, as in Hotel Dusk, and features seom really creepy imagery and audio.  This game definitely does a great job of creating an eerie setting, as you search out the truth of the curse.  You use your stylus to look around, as well as search and study objects.

This game is set to release in Japan on July 3rd, and while there is no announced U.S. release date yet, be assured we will announce it once, and if, it is coming to the states. Fans of the Japanese Horror genre will definitely want to check this game out.

Check out a video of the game in action at Square Enix’s Japanese Site, just be sure to Click the right button for yes, then goto the 4th option at the bottom to find the video.

Images can be found at The Magic Box.

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