Spyro movie pwning theatres near you!

Variety says Spyro movie is in the works.

If you didn’t know, the Spyro franchise is having a new game roll out for it’s Decaversay. That’s 10th for those who don’t get me here. It looks like it could be pretty decent if they continue on the path there are on now. Good news for any of you out there that loved the game and wished for another.

But on top of that, it has been released that there is a CGI film in the works for this game as well. Not too many details on it other than the fact that it has been announced. But one, like myself, hopes they will keep the voice talent from the game to move into the movie. Especially Christina Ricci. Yes the girl from Adam’s Family amongst other films. I could listen and watch her until the cows came home, were slaughtered, and had to wait again. But now I’m getting off topic. The portion of the article is below as well as the link to the page.

Velvet Octopus has a five-pic deal with producer Ash Shah, which includes two more 3-D projects, both CGI animated — “Outback,” the story of a white koala bear, and “The Legend of Spyro,” a spin-off from the best-selling video game.

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