SPORE Creature Creator anounced

If you’ve been following Spore like I have, then odds are you’ve heard
rumors about a Creature Creator coming out soon. Well everyone – I’m
glad to say that in today’s press releases, Maxis announced that it is
most definitely real.

The free demo version of Spore’s Creature Creator will be available for download starting June 17 from Spore.com and available with The SimCity™ Box which ships to stores June 23. The
free demo contains 25% of parts to make your very own Spore Creature.
Play, shape, mold, and give birth to a whole set of creatures that will
actually be available once the game itself launches in September!

Maxis has also announced that there will be a complete version of the Creature Creator with all of the parts available in stores later this summer. People in North America can
purchase the full retail version for $9.99 and for the people in European territories, €9.99.

So keep your eye out for new updates!! And don’t forget to visit
Spore.com on June 17th to get your very own demo of the Creature

For some cool Creature Creator demos, click here!
For more information from the Press Release, click here!
Via http://spore.com

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